Rosy Wolf Snail

The Rosy Wolf Snail (Euglandina rosea) is common to the Southeastern United States.  It is one of several predaceous species of land snail, and actively hunts and eats smaller snails.  In doing so, it acts as a natural pesticide for harmful species.

The Wolf Snail shows God’s genius through its methods of hunting and eating:

– It is outfitted with two special feelers called Oral Lappets.  These act as chemical receptors, and can pick up the slime trails of other snails.  The Wolf Snail follows these trails to find its prey.

– It can move several times faster than other snails, catching up with its prey in a matter of minutes.

– The neck is elongated to act like a vice; it wraps around the prey snail’s shell to hold it in place.

– The Wolf Snail is equipped with a long esophageal tube which is perfectly suited for sliding into the shell of a prey snail to reach the animal inside.

– The radular teeth of the Wolf Snail are shaped like daggers for penetrating slime and snagging snail flesh.

– If a shell is too small to insert the mouthparts into, the Wolf Snail can swallow it whole.  It digests the calcium and uses it to build its own shell.

Learn more about Euglandina rosea at

Watch the video below to see a Rosy Wolf Snail on the hunt!

Rosy Wolfsnail on the Hunt

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